Heart CPR Educational Services, LLC  will reserve an American Heart Association Certification course seat for you and promises to be prepared to conduct the course you have registered for. We use the latest technology and equipment to provide you with an  interactive, experiential learning environment. We are passionate about making sure that you leave the classroom feeling confident in the skills you have gained.

BEFORE Submitting payment for a course, please read our policies. By your registration payment, you are agreeing to all the policies set forth by Heart CPR Educational Services, LLC.

IMPORTANT: YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED INTO CLASS IF YOU ARE SICK. You will need to give advanced notice, before scheduled class, to reschedule.

Type of payments accepted:

Please be advised we only accept credit/debit card, PayPal or cash for services. Sorry but we do not accept checks for services rendered. Please contact us if you would like to stop by to register and pay for a course in person. Discounts apply if registering and paying in person.


Refunds are given within 24 hours of registration and are subject to an administrativ. Refunds will not be issued for failure to attend the course or no show, without rescheduling. No refunds for books issued. Class credit is given and must be in attendance within 30 days of reschedule.


American Heart Association requires all students to have a course textbook. You MUST HAVE BOOK IN CLASS IN ORDER TO ATTEND CLASS.  If you purchase an eBook, you MUST bring your electronic device with you to class. eBooks DO NOT work on Kindle or other e-readers. 

THE TEXTBOOK IS REQUIRED FOR ALL COURSES. (AHA PAM 03/2018) "Each student must have the current appropriate course textbook readily available for use before, during, and after the course. Textbooks are designed for individual use and are an integral part of the student’s education. Students may reuse their textbooks during renewals or updates until new science guidelines are published". 


The Pre-course test with an 84% passing score is required before class. For update courses, a copy or your current ACLS or PALS card is also required. We will also need a print-out of your completed pretest before the start of the course and before a Certification completion card is issued.


A significant discount is given to your group. ALL FRIENDS IN YOUR GROUP MUST REGISTER AND PAY SAME DAY FOR DISCOUNT! All friends within the group will need to register individually within 24 hours from the first registration received.

If there is anyone in your group that decides to cancel their registration, each student will be subject to  forfeiting part of the discount. Rescheduling as a "group" is permitted and falls under the Student Reschedule policy. 

An individual who wishes to reschedule after signing up for "friends" will forfeit their discounted price for the class, unless rescheduling as a group within the Student Reschedule policy guidelines.



eCards are assigned same day as class. Every student will sign in and or confirm their name, email, address, phone number electronically and on paper. You will be entering/confirming your information. 

If the information YOU have entered/confirmed is incorrect, Heart CPR is not responsible. 




Students are asked to arrive 10 (ten) minutes before class and must be present for the entire class to receive a certification. Students also cannot bring non-registered attendees to their class (e.g., friends, family, children, co-workers, etc,). 

Tardiness policy

If you are going to be late, please call Heart CPR @ 941-500-2917. Class cannot be held up more than 5 (five) minutes from class start time. Students who arrive late will not be allowed to attend the class due to missing the required course information.  Students arriving late must reschedule. The Student Reschedule Policy will apply to this attendance policy. Students who show after 30 minutes from class  start time, this will fall under the "No Show" policy.

For students attending a “Private Course”, the instructor will wait up to 30  minutes. Students that show after the 30 minute start time will not be  allowed a reschedule or refund, this will fall under the “No Show”  policy. 

Student Reschedule

A  student may request a minimum of 72 hours before a class to reschedule  (subject to a $10 fee) to any class of equal or lessor value, based on available  space. The Student must use the reschedule credit within 30 days of their original registration date. All reschedules must  be received a minimum of 72 hours before the original class date and  received by completing the Class Change form - no exceptions!. As a courtesy to you, we will work with you to schedule the same class type  under certain terms.

Student Retake Policy

We will do everything we can to remediate students. If after several attempts of remediation, if a student fails a class (skills check or written test) the student must register for another class.

Registering for the Wrong Course

If  you register for a course and it ends up being the wrong class for  which you need, Heart CPR is not responsible for the error. No  refund, reschedule or credit will be given to students who show up  to a class and find out they registered for the wrong class, or if the  student attends any portion of a class there will be no refund,  reschedule, credit or partial refund allowed. Cancellation and reschedule policies will apply.


Low Enrollment Cancellation

Although we make every effort to promote classes scheduled in our training site, and this rarely happens, Heart CPR reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment. In case of a class cancellation, other than the Emergency Cancellation Policy, any student who has paid for his/her class will have the option of rescheduling into another class at no additional charge. If the option of a new training date is not held within 10 days, or after existing AHA card holders (renewals) expiration date, the customer may request a full refund at the approval of Heart CPR. (If Heart CPR cancels a class due to a weather emergency out of its control, then full refunds will not be issued). The student has the option of rescheduling to fit their schedule within 90 days.

Student Cancellation

If a student cancels within 24 hours after their registration,  and by way of notification to Heart CPR, they are entitled to a 100% refund. The “TIME STAMP” of your registration email will be the official time of record that will be used. 

After the 24 hour period after registration,  please contact Heart CPR via Class Change form.  All requests must be through the Class Change Form ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS. The time stamp of your form submission will be the official time used. 

This policy applies to cancellations before the class has happened. If the student does not show up, or did not call prior to a class, then the Student No-Show policy below applies. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Heart CPR  has reserved the seat for you as promised and has scheduled an instructor by your completed payment & registration. We have fulfilled our obligation by being prepared to conduct the course. 

Emergency Cancellation

Emergencies happen, and often without notice. If a class cancels, due to severe weather, instructor illness/injury, family emergencies or anything else that might be considered to be an emergency, registered students will receive priority enrollment in the next available class. Class cancellations are due to severe weather are issued within 24 hours of a class. If there are no available classes within the following two weeks, then Heart CPR will issue a full refund.

As a safety organization, we do not send out instructors in weather emergencies, as indicated by the National Weather Service (e.g. Severe Tropical/Thunder/Lightening Storm watches or warnings, Tornado watches or warnings, Hurricane watches or warnings). If a class is canceled due to a weather emergency, and if a student wishes to cancel or not take the next available date, that student may receive a refund of the class or they may use the Student Transfer option. Heart CPR unfortunately has no control over cancellation due to weather emergencies.

Student No-Show

No refund or credit will be given for “No Shows”. If a student does NOT show up to a class, and has not rescheduled 24 hrs prior to class, they are considered a no-show. 

Please understand that we hear  “it wasn’t my fault”  or it was an “emergency” from those who want to request a refund, reschedule or credit for "not showing up" for a class and that we should refund  or change our policy for things like that. Please understand it wasn’t our fault either and we reserved the seat for you as promised with your completed payment. We must still pay our Instructors for the seat you paid for and reserved with us. We thank you in advance for your understanding of our policy and why it is we have it in place.

As a courtesy to you, we will work with you to schedule the same class type under certain terms.


If an organization or a client carries an outstanding balance, their remaining balance will be due when class is held. Certification cards will not be released to the customer until their invoice is paid in full.


If an organization/client schedules a class, and holds, or delays the instructor more then 30 minutes from beginning the course at the agreed to time, the organization/client will be charged $40 , followed by a rate of $60/hour, which will be billed in 15 minute increments. Certification cards cannot be issued to a client until their balance is paid in full.